December 22, 2011

Laboratory Dancers Fall Classes


photo: Matthew Gregory Hollis


Laboratory Dancers is excited to offer a change of the winds.  We are introducing five-class sessions in different movement techniques.  This Fall we will be exploring improvisation and Torque.

Classes are held Thursday evenings at the Fulton Street Collective, located at 2000 W. Fulton in Chicago.  Class begins promptly at 7:30pm and winds down at 9:00pm.  Classes are designed for the experienced mover, but we encourage all levels of ability to attend.  Each class is a suggested $7 donation.  Registering for all 5 classes can be done on the first day and is a suggested $25 donation.  Since Laboratory Dancers would rather have your body than your bills, no one will be turned away for lack of funds.  Come dance!

See below for details and dates.

Session 1: Compositional Improvisation taught by company member Beth Berta

Dancers will learn the basics of improvisational movement creation and compositional decision-making, both individually and as an ensemble. Group engagement and a collective focus on space, time, and arch will allow dancers to begin to create meaningful, interesting, exciting, weird, and pointed work from scratch, in real time. Dancers will explore new movement generation and development techniques, with an understanding of the value of working toward a cohesive and content-rich end product.

*Dates of class*
No Class on 10/18


Session 2: Torque taught by guest teacher Jessie Young

This class begins with the understanding that dance is both our community and personal practice. We will delve into our creative instinct, physcial parameters, and awareness of 3D space. Release, momentum, ease, expansion and torque- it’s all happening!

*Dates of class*
No class on Thanksgiving

Come drop in and dance with us!

Stay tuned for upcoming sessions and added classes in different techniques.


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