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Choreographer: Cheryl Cornacchione

Dancers: Cheryl Cornacchione, Erika Farkvam, and Ally Subak

My journey in creating [fore] [us] began when I first stepped into the dance studio after COVID. I had no clue if anything would amount to my noodling around the studio. My only prerogative was to move and create in a way that challenged my body and interested my eye. What I was not expecting was to re-discover “the old Cheryl” in these first few rehearsals. It felt like a salve on my brain, and I left the studio with a full heart again. Shortly after, I was joined by Ally and Erika—two powerful movers, two strong women—showing up week after week with no immediate plans of a performance. The three of us coming together to dance, like moths to a flame. We created our ritual warmups, we pushed our physical limits. I saw us as warriors as we three navigated the uncertainty of all that our individual lives presented week after week. [fore] [us] is a manifestation of our journey back from the re-opening of the world to where we have landed today, before you. Live performance is magic and dance is powerful; you see it happening before your eyes, then it’s gone. As you watch, I invite you to journey along with us and truly BE with us, moment to moment.

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