We have been working on LADIES FIRST for almost two years, and with the current political climate it feels relevant now more than ever. The piece explores femininity, sisterhood, female empowerment, and more. The Athenaeum Studio 3 is the most AMBITIOUS theatre we have ever booked. Since we have put so much work into LADIES FIRST we decided to pick a venue that would do it justice. Every contribution no matter how small will help us immensely. We are counting on you to help us open the door ;)
-Laboratory Dancers

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Ladies First is an evening-length collaboration consisting of three independent, but connected, pieces. Using sound, film, movement, and object manipulation, we explore societal views of femininity, competition, durability, and gaze. Through our own personal experiences, we write, discuss, and dissect what it means to be a woman. We're learning how to build each other up, combat the negative ways that women are portrayed, and find self-love, compassion, and sisterhood.

  • Productions costs (includes venue costs, lighting designer, stage manager, performers): $4100
  • Promotional materials: $400
  • Campaign goal: $4500

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